Monday, August 7, 2017

I Went to West Virginia’s Largest Yard Sale

This past weekend, I went to West Virginia’s Largest Yard Sale, a yard sale event that takes place in Buckhannon (my hometown) and Weston (the town next to my hometown, and the home of the Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum) every August. There are allegedly hundreds of yard sales involved, although I don’t think we found that many.

I took $26 in folding money and a handful of change, and I ended up spending the whole $26, plus about a dollar of the change, and about $13 of the manfriend’s money. Here are the awesome bargains I scored.

A Pearl Ring

I've been wanting a pearl ring for a while. Plus, I think they might be real pearls because they're not perfectly round. But even if they're not real pearls, who cares? I wear it on my engagement finger because my other nine fingers are too fat, and also because I've found The One, and it's me. Sorry, manfriend.

A Feeder Puzzle for the Cats

I really had Fatty in mind when I picked up this feeder puzzle, because he needs mental stimulation. I'm hoping the feeder puzzle will distract him from his plans for world domination, although if it doesn't, at least he'll be better than Trump.


You put dry cat food in the top of the puzzle and it has holes in each level, so that when the cat reaches in to grab at the food, some of it will fall out the bottom. It's really not that complex, although it does allow you to adjust the size of the holes in case the default setting is too easy for your cat. Fatty seems to enjoy it, but sadly, I think Skin Disease is too stupid to grapple with its complexities. He solves the puzzle in his own way -- by begging until I feel sorry for him.

This Vintage Waffle Maker from the Seventies

I haven't used the waffle maker yet, so I don't know if it works, but for $3, I'm willing to take the risk. Plus I was told the proceeds would go to support a no-kill cat shelter, so it's really not even a loss. If it does work, I'll make sure to review it for you guys.

These Breathtaking Works of Art

This was a joint purchase with the manfriend. It was near the end of the day and we were all tired, so we were doing a slow drive-by of this one sale, when our lookout said, "They've got some Elvis pictures at this one."

"THEY'VE GOT SOME WHAT!?" the manfriend exclaimed. "STOP. WE HAVE TO GET THOSE." It turned out to be right next door from the place with the waffle maker, so I'm glad we stopped.

Some Classic Tunes

I'm always on the lookout for CDs of 80s music, which doesn't go as well as you might expect, possibly because no one in their right mind would part with such treasures. But I scored a Joan Jett album, and a recording of a Pat Benatar live show, which is better than the nothing I expected to find.

Some Books

I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anymore books until I'd read at least most of the books that I already have. But at one point, I did put back two books that I'd picked out, so I think that ought to count for something.

A Maxi Dress

I obviously bought this dress without trying it on, which was a bigger risk than the waffle maker, but it fits.

 A Knife

The manfriend bought me this. He recently bought me a pocketknife when we went on vacation to the Smokey Mountains, and then I immediately lost it. This is my replacement knife. I picked it because it's easy to open with one hand, which is important to me because I'm secretly a greaser in an old movie.

This Pair of Shoes

I found a pair of Converse that are practically new. I mean, they were covered in dog hair, but what isn't covered in dog hair these days?

Some DVDs

When I first picked up Ice Road Terror, I thought the cover depicted a T-Rex chasing a semi truck, but on second inspection, I realized it's actually a komodo dragon. I guess it doesn't matter, as long as it's the size of a jumbo jet.