Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Alphabet Ferret Soup

Also, today is the first day of the ABCs of Swearing blog challenge, co-hosted by The Insomniac's Dream, Something Clever 2.0, and yours truly. Every day in May, except for Sundays and the 31st, will correspond to a letter of the alphabet. Each day that you participate in the challenge, you should use a swear word that starts with that day's letter. Today's letter, for example, is "A," so you should use an "A" letter, like "assgasket," somewhere in your post.

Neither your topic, nor your title must have that day's letter in it! You don't even have to post every day! You can sign up any day this month! But, it would be great if you could follow me, Jenn at Something Clever 2.0, or The Insomniac's Dream, or if you're an overachiever, all three of us. If you want to participate, go ahead and join the link up below. Grab a badge -- put it in your challenge posts, on your sidebar, or on your forehead, if you can figure out the HTML coding for that (open source coders, I'm lookin' at you).