My Work Around the Web


I must have written a couple of thousand non-fiction articles at this point, if you count the ones I've ghostwritten. These are some of my best.

"Benefits of Bad Hostels: 6 Reasons Why the Worst Hostels Are the Best,", April 2010

"How to Steal Your Friend's Girlfriend,", April 2010

"How to Break Up with an Evil, Vindictive Jealous Girlfriend,", April 2010

"Face Your Mortality at the Catacombs of Paris,", September 2010

"Wander Ancient Rome in Ostia Antica,", September 2010

"Was Michelangelo Forced to Paint the Sistine Chapel?", January 2011

"Four Traits of Successful Writers (Besides, You Know, Writing Ability)," Chazz Writes, May 2011

Creative Non-fiction

Creative non-fiction, for those of you who were wondering, is non-fiction that is written in a creative way. Think Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, or Hunter S. Thompson. Memoirs are also considered a sub-genre of creative non-fiction.

"Some People Never Learn," The Blotter, July 2006

"The Best Fish," Amarillo Bay, Spring 2009

"Dime Toss," Flashquake, Volume 8 Issue 3, Spring 2009

"The Longest Game I Ever Played," Attribute Magazine, May 2009

"Presence," Adelaide, October 2018


I've been publishing my poetry since about 1994, but this is what's available online. (I know it's an exhaustive list, but bear with me please.)

"Night Driving Requires Extreme Caution," Attribute Magazine, May 2009

"Sometimes We Want the Strangest Things," Western North Carolina Woman,Volume 8 No. 2, February 2009