Monday, July 25, 2011

Just for the Fun of It...Mustaches!!

Allow me to share with you my love of mustaches.

Not to give you the wrong impression -- I'm not saying that I find mustaches sexually attractive (I don't), or that I'm thinking of throwing out the wax and growing my own proud mustache in all its glory (I'm not). But I do have an aesthetic appreciation for a good, solid mustache.

I don't mean your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, look-at-me-I've-got-some-hair-on-my-lip sort of mustache. I mean your holy-sh*t-look-at-that-guy sort of mustache. The sort of mustache that wins awards, man. The sort of mustache that says, "If you're going to go, you might as well go all out."

Here today, for your viewing pleasure, are some mustaches I'd like to honor:

Thoughtful Cowboy Mustache -- a4gpa

Evil Mastermind Mustache -- Michael Attree

What-the-F&ck Mustache -- Ayleen Gaspar

I don't really know what's going on with that mustache. Has he got it tucked into his hat? He has, hasn't he? Why, God, why?

I Don't Really Know What's Going On Here Either, But At Least It's Better Than the Last One Mustache -- Ghandi Jones

Extra Points for Wardrobe Mustache -- Ayleen Gaspar 

Looks Like You Used Hot Curlers on That Mustache -- Pattanaik

The best part about this mustache is, you know he wears it every day. 

I Am the Spider King Mustache -- Stephanie Watson

Starburst Mustache pictured with I Have Initials Goatee -- Ryan McFarland

Grab My Handlebars, Baby Mustache -- Seanstayte 

 And finally, my favorite...

I Have WIIIIIIIINGS!!! Mustache --  Markus Mindaugus Urban

Happy Monday, folks. I hope that was as good for you as it was for me. 


  1. As I wipe the tears from my eyes because I was laughing so hard I have to can you respectfully walk around with something like that on your face? LOL Good Monday blog Marjorie. =)Thanks.

  2. I guess you have to have a sense of fun.

  3. Lol! You're insane. So... how long have you been harboring your love for mustaches. I cannot believe I haven't noticed it before. In any case, you've a nice taste there. I like the spider mustache (the one after what the hell is going on here), teehee. It's like his face is preparing to crawl away from his head! ^_^ Thanks for the laughs!

  4. I have been harboring my love of mustaches since I was a young girl. My first mustache love was Colonel Sanders. Mmmmmm fried chicken.

    PS -- Glad you got a laugh ;)

  5. The second dude is from Brighton!!! he is well know there, and always walks around all dressed up like a dandy...

  6. LOL small world isn't it? I gathered he was pretty famous from looking at his website. Glad he's kind enough to offer that picture for public use!