Thursday, April 28, 2011

Essence of WHAT now?!

I was researching an article the other day and I discovered something that I just can't seem to get my head around. Apparently, there exists in this world a substance known as “essence of chicken.” I had no idea this existed. If I'm not mistaken, it's made by cooking down a whole chickens into liquid, filtering out the fats, and then bottling it. If you drink it, you get that Popeye-eatin'-spinach effect.

It seems to be an Asian thing, which explains why I've never heard of it, because I've never been to Asia. The English invented it as a royal health tonic. I have to admit, it does sound nutritious. Four times as nutritious as a bowl of chicken soup, they say. And we all know how nutritious chicken soup is.

Not as nutritious as cock soup. --  Anuj Kumar Pradhan

I'm still having trouble getting my mind around the "cooking down whole chickens" part. Whole freaking chickens, man. Into a liquid, man. How long must that take?

Forever, with the feathers. -- John Went
Then again, I do come across some crazy stuff in the course of research. For instance, the flatfish, or flounder, swims upright, like a normal fish, when it's young. As it matures, one of its eyes moves over to the other side of its head, and it begins swimming on its side.

Now that you mention it, they do look a little bit lopsided. --

But you probably already knew that.  


  1. My favourite natural weirdness is the angler fish.

    But yes, that chicken stuff is odd. It sounds nasty, to be honest. When they say the whole chicken, does that include feathers and beak and stuff. Yuck

    India Drummond

  2. I sure HOPE they don't mean feathers, beak and all! In any case, it sounds like they take out the tasty part -- the fats. Mmmmmm fats...

  3. cock



    all I gotta say

  4. I'm not even sure what that means, but I hope it's not literal.

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